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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 4, 2013 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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. ♪ a day of mourning in italy as the search continuing for hundreds of missing migrants of the coast. hello and welcome to al jazeera live from our new center in doha and ahead on the program, security alert at the white house, a woman is shot dead after a police car chase. and the governing body meets to discuss the staging of the world cup. and the digital challenge, how american book stores are starting a new chapter.
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♪ hello, the italian coast guard is searching for 200 migrants missing after their boat sank and the vessel believes to be carrying around 500 people set sale from the libyan port city and 127 people are confirmed dead but this is expected to rise. it had nearly finished the 400 kilometer journey before it sank. what is the latest? >> the weather conditions are hampering the search and rescue operations. so far we have been talking to the coast guards and they are saying because of the weather conditions they are unable to actually tackle the search and rescue operations as fully as they would like to. they have a boat out and trying
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to get divers into the structure of the boat that is submerged in the water but they are finding it incredibly difficult to do so so that is slowing things down. it's crucial for them to get those bodies out of there. they have appeared to have noticed some of the bodies which are still on the boat and even on the seabed, so much have been spotted on the seabed. most of those bodys when they have been removed they have been taken to a hanger at the air base here. earlier the day before they got health assistance here that more coffins be brought to the island to deal with all the bodies that had been pulled out. now on friday morning a boat has come carrying those coffins, loads of coffins that have been brought to the hanger ready to take the bodies and take them off land to sicilly and
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frustrating for the search and rescue operators who are trying to get the job done. the mayor here has been calling out for -- has been actually thankful for the assistance that the emergency workers have provided and reminding this is not just an italian or a problem here, the migrants are fleeing conflict zones in the middle east and africa and come here in search of a way to gain access to the eu and indirectly asking for more assistance for the eu. >> reporter: sonya is live for us in lampadusa and thanks for that. somalies were some of the people who were on the boats and the journey they take to reach europe. >> there are two routes they tend to use, the main one is the relatively short hop here and
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what happens is people move from southern somalia and central and ethiopia and cross in the northern parts of africa and somalia and they are often carried by people smugglers crossing to yemen and cross to easte eastern europe. some go west to take care of security services in libya to try to cross there into southern europe and into italy and across into spain. what we see is increasingly well organized network of smugglers and according to the organization for migration, people smuggling is as lucrative as some of the more profitable illegal enterprises like drugs trafficking and arms trafficking. a study said between 97-99% of all african refugees trying to get into southern europe are using the services of those
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people smugglers. it's an incredibly well organized business and when you go in refugee camps there are stories of people going through camps and looking for people and a few thousand or hundreds for passages to get them in europe. a lot of analysts believe that if they are serious about stopping the trade the only way to do it is try to stabilize and improve the economies of the source countries themselves. >> reporter: investigation is underway in washington d.c. after a woman was shot dead after a car chase. she tried to drive her car through a check point at the white house and kimberly has details. >> it was this blade sedan speeding away from the white house that police tried to stop. >> an unauthorized vehicle attempted to gain access at an outer perimeter check point and i want to stress this was outer perimeter check point of the white house. beyond that check point there are multiple other checkpoints that someone would have to go
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there. >> reporter: no shots were fired but it struck a secret officer as it drove off and driving at high speeds through afternoon traffic with police following closely behind. witnesses were terrified when they saw the suspect vehicle come down the street and stop 100 meters where the police lights are flashing and police ordered the woman driving the black sedan to stop. she didn't stop. instead she ran into a security barricade and then there was fire. they were told to stay indoored and tourists caught outside found them running for cover and one was injured as he tried to block the suspect's car with his own. >> after the sedan was stopped and they surrounded it and it backed up and smashed into a cruiser and took off again around the south side of the capitol and that is where i heard the gunshots.
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>> i thought somebody was attacking the capitol and i was trying to get away. >> reporter: the female driver of the black sedan was killed by police and she was reportedly unarm unarmed. a small child that was in the car through the chase and gunfire has not been harmed. >> the child is approximately a-year-old and in good condition and in protective custody. >> reporter: what is not clear is why the child had to experience such a frightening ordeal and the incident is still under investigation, al jazeera washington. >> reporter: barack obama has cancelled his trip to asia because of the u.s. government shut down. congress still hasn't agreed on a budget to pay 800,000 nonessential workers. the u.s. president also says there will be a bigger crisis in two weeks if congress doesn't raise the government's debt limit. >> and i want you to understand the consequences of this as wreckless as a government shut down is, as many people as are
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being hurt by a government shut down, an economic shut down that results from default would be dramatically worse. >> reporter: the governing body is unlikely to announce an announcement of moving the world cup from summer to winter at the meeting in zurick and they are meeting for a possible change in dates to avoid the summer heat and an official said it would be irresponsible to announce a decision now with so much still to consider. >> i don't think it should be a decision today and we have not been presented with an analysis and don't know who the stakeholders are and would be irresponsible to make a decision today. >> reporter: we have more from zurick. >> the executive committee are well into their talks on day two of the meeting of fefa-hq and from and dominated the meeting
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and more discussions on it in the next few hours and hope decisions and although the starting point for this meeting was actually there would be a confirmed switch to winter for the 2022 world cup. and for once why not fully get what he wants because there is so much internal resistance doing that before the proper consultation period it looks like they will have to set up a task force and actually have discussions about it before formally saying, okay, we switched to winter and here are the exact dates. it was interesting on arrival jeffrey web the head of the american and caribbean region a rising call or vice president or potential future president said it would be irresponsible to make the decision on a winter switch officially today. if jeffrey web is right about that it means no official confirmation today. >> reporter: in a few hours
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prime minister sylvia berlusconi will learn his fate and he could be expelled from parliament after his conviction on tax fraud and on wednesday he said he would support the government in a confidence vote after defect shuns denied him of the backing he needed to bring down the government. and al jazeera's phil is live now from rome with the latest, phil, what is happening right now then? >> right now the situation is that the senate commission is voting behind closed durationals and they have 48 hours to release findings and expect to hear from them in the coming hours and we heard from the president of the senate commission and the man who would take berlusconi and lacks the moral decency and judgment to be a senate member and we did not hear from him but they did not
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submit in the end because this is viewed as a foregone conclusion because the law here is very clear, anybody convicted of a crime that carries a prison term of two years or more cannot hold political office anywhere in italy and berlusconi's conviction was four years and double that. there have been arguments whether or not the law applied to him for the simple reason his legal team says the law was brought in after his crime was committed therefore it's not retrospective and it looks to be the case and looks pretty much certain it has been a bad week for him and today will not be a very good day for him either. >> is this essentially it for him, is in the end of his career in public life? >> well, there is one more stage. when this vote goes ahead let's say that it does rule against berlusconi as expected it has to be ratified by the floor and there are 250 members and it will be a few days or a couple of weeks.
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certainly mid october will be the point where sylvia berlusconi will be told to leave the senate and if he is removed it will be a big blow for two reasons. first of all this is a man of course who for everything is about image and will have the status of being a senate member take end away from him and a former politician and convicted criminal and it will also mean he is stripped of his political immunity therefore he could potentially be arrested should further allegations come up against sylvia berlusconi so in mid october he could be ejected and it's a key point for him because that is when he gets to decide how he will serve his prison sentence out and he can serve under the guidance of social services or house arrest and won't go to jail because under a law he passed nobody over 70 goes to prison and he just turned 77 years old. >> reporter: all right, for the moment phil is live for us in rome, thanks for that.
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staying in italy pope francis arrived in the italian town of cc and will pray of the st. whose name he adopted and meeting with children and the sick and he wants the church to resemble that of the vision of a church of the poor. we have lots more ahead on al jazeera including twitter unveiling details of the debut next month on the u.s. stock market but how much is the social media site hoping to make. accusations of police brutality in brazil and charged with torturing and killing a man from the slums. ♪
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♪ hello again, these are the top stories on al jazeera. coast guard boats are back out in the water around lampadoosa and looking for people whose boats sank on thursday and 127 people have died and most passengers who were undocumented migrants. a woman has been shut down following a car chase in the heart of washington d.c. police say she tried to drive through a security check point near the white house. a top official from football's governing body said it would be irresponsible to announce a decision on whether to shift the world cup 2022 from summer to winter. the official says that is because fefa still has a lot to
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consider before making that decision. thousands of people in the philippines are expected to take part in a massive rally over corruption and the president accused the previous government of misusing of a $23 billion of state funds and protesters claim the budget for next year will also abuse their tax money. and we are live now in malilla with this. quite a sizable crowd gathering there behind you, what is happening right now? >> well, this is about at least 5,000 protesters who have gathered here, some from different organizations. most of the ordinary taxpayers who say they are enraged about the resent scandals exposing government officials and even those that are part of the administration. they are believes to have been using discretionary funds called
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pork barrel in the philippines and those foundations that are believed to have been used as a front for corruption here and say they are enraged and upset over how slow the government has been reacting and clamping down on corruption here in the country. >> corruption has been a major issue there in the philippines, it is something that the president has campaigned on right before he was elected. has he not made some strides in that area? >> that's true. in fact, when the president took office in 2010 he garnered an overwhelming and public support from many voters here after ten years of very tainted management and presidency of the former president. however, when he came into office in 2010 he promised to calm down on corruption and
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promised to deliver the longstanding issue of justice in the country and more and more philippines are saying they are disappointed on how slow the government has been reacting to reforms and at this point also even president and even members of the president's party has been involved. however, the president has challenged those who are against him and challenged them that if they want they can try to impeach him but saying the president has unprecedented support compared but many are seeing this may actual will be one of the biggest challenges in his presidency. >> reporter: we are live for us in manilla and thanks for that. a gunman shot dead in the kenya city of mombassa and three others died in bullets fired in their car.
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and he was a successor to abood mohamed who was accused and he was killed in a similar shooting in august last year. days of rioted following his death after they accused the police of carrying out the attack and the police denied involvement in the killing. ten police officers in yio have been charged with torturing and killing a man from a shanty town and this is a problem with disappearances and police brutality and adam has more. >> reporter: this is the slum where a bricklayer and father of six was taken before he was allegedly tortured and killed by police. this family had not seen him in more than two months since he was rounded up in a sweep of drug traffickers in the largest slum. >> translator: justice has not been done because they are not
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in prison yet and we are waiting for justice to be served and they are put in jail and pay for what they did. >> reporter: the sweep was part of the so called pasicificatoin in rio and make them safe for the cup and the 2016 olympics and cleanup the town. the police have done heavy tactics that left thousands dead and missing. such tactics were supposedly discarded under this program. reported deaths have gone down, but critics say police violence is still high and suspects continue to disappear and the prosecutor suspects that the park where the police workout of shipping containers. >> translator: it is assumed they are in the park because the park is filled with police if i'm not missing taken and where the containers are located and it's torture and circumstances we are not going to know and
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none of the accused police will actually speak. >> reporter: and police and security continues to be a problem, projects for the olympics and world cup are plagued by delays. on tuesday work on a football stadium in the city was suspended due to safety concerns. but as officials worry about cost over runs and delays on multi-billion dollar projects it's police violence that continues to trouble rio's poorest residence and human rights advocates say they need to stop seeing people as criminals and instead treat them as citizens. this was supposed to be the core of the program. a program that has yet to convince people that they shouldn't fear the police. adam, al jazeera. >> reporter: more on the sinking of the boat carrying migrants off the coast of italy. the coastline is a popular leaving point for refugees heading to europe and those who survive the journey say they left when the port city and an
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estimated 25,000 people made the trip from north africa to italy so far this year. and we are joined live from tunesia which is another departure point from migrants to europe. why do we see migrants using libya as a route? >> the reason is it's more difficult to leave from tunesia as there is a clamp down on migrants and boats leaving from here and law an order basically in many parts of libya has broken down. so the military in charge particularly around the area of misrata and it's easier for migrants to get in libya and head to the coast and leave on boats. we know it's very well organized having spoken to migrants who made the journey from libya and talking about a multi million dollar business. so a boat of 500 at $2000 each from each migrant, that is a lot
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of money. we are also looking at bigger vessels being used at the moment and vessels being involved. all in all it's a lot easier to leave from libya and the european union control agency they have been desperate to try to get into libya to try to help the libyans and the libya coast guards and they have not managed to do that so far. that is one of the priorities so far for the european union to somehow work and coordinate with the libyans to stop this from happening. >> reporter: thanks for that and we are live from tunise. twitter unveiled details of the planned debut next month on the u.s. stock market. the popular media site is hoping to raise $1 billion when it starts selling shares and cap turner has more. >> there is more. >> reporter: this can be lonely, ask her, and reaction to a joke can be tricky and she
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learned to harness social media for instant feedback. >> for a lot of it it started like well i had a funny thought about a head line in the news, let me tweet it out this joke. and based on the retweets you got and based on the responses you got to that tweet it became like maybe i should do this on stage tonight. >> reporter: entertainers and celebrities are some of the most active users and 7 of the top ten people followed on twitter are pop singers and it was launched 7 years ago and 200 million users and is a powerful way to share information and now you can own your own piece of the company. twitter is planning to stop publically trading shares later this year and advertising is growing quicker and audience is expected to do the same. larry is a professor of marketing at pace university and he says advertisers want the stocks but could be cautious. >> they will find ways to
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experiment, to take some degree of advertising on twitter or through other sources to twitter but they are not going to spend a lot of money until they get a sense that it's paying off and there is a return on their investment. >> reporter: once the company is in the hands of shareholders it must find a way without alienated users and it's a big name in social media and in may last year it was on the nasdaq but from the first moment of trading the company has struggled. the hype around facebook was e nor house and turned to panic when glitches in the computer system caused mass confusion for the first couple hours of trading and it tanked and recently it has risen sharply because of advertiser confidence in the company and it's time for twitter to go public soon and has not reached saturation point. >> i think it will get more
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gross and awful. i see some really awkward tweets out there about personal lives that make me cringe. >> reporter: and judging by the growth of social media platforms over sharing is here to say, al jazeera, new york. >> reporter: 13 members of the internet hacking group anonymous have been indicted in the united states and it targeted companies that were critical of wikileaks or refused to process payments for the website and included visa and mastercard and it's also accused of hacking into u.s. government websites. japan's nuclear watchdog criticized the bosses of the fukushima plant for the handling of a series of water leaks and tepco reported a leak of radioactive water on thursday and said the plant's management is inept. now book sellers in the u.s. are facing multiple challenges from
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the economy to digital gadgets but independent book stores are making a come back in some communities and tom acland reports from and ap lis in maryland. >> reporter: it doesn't take up a lot of real estate at the shelves of the and ap lis book store there are words to pursue and customers say it's not just commerce but a comfortable, local institution. >> we used to go to the big book stores but they are a drive. and they don't seem to be as in touch with my community. >> people come here and yes it is about books but it's a lot about the conversation that happens around the book. >> reporter: college student cameron who works here says the book store has another distinction. >> just a place for people to feel comfortable being serious. >> reporter: the store owners are quick to admit they cannot beat the big book sellers on price or shelf space and found
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other ways of attracting customers. >> we had at least three proposals, marriage and you cannot do that on amazon or on line places and they are competitive. >> reporter: they are bankrupt and shut down and another barns and nobles are closing outlooks neighborhood book stores are having a resurgance and they are going up as the u.s. economy climbs up and kindle and nook who once predicted to turn books into museum pieces are a receding threat. electronic e books account for 20% of u.s. sales but the growth rate has been falling steady and according to a trade survey 6 in 10 readers say they are not interested in e books. but the small stores are keeping pace with technology. >> websites and use of e-mail and use of social media, all those things we can do today in
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the exact same way that our national competitor and big national corporate chains can do. >> reporter: more chapters yet to come for the local book store and tom ackerman and ap lis maryland. >> reporter: and more to come on al jazeera is the address. is not getting paid to protect american citizens and cities around the government -- around the country, during the government shutdown. plus how fracing is boosting exports, creating jobs, and stirring up controversy in america. and more manufacturers say they are planning to bring jobs back from china to the united states. i'm ali velshi, and this is "real money." ♪ welcome to "real money." you are the most important part


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